FreeFax / FAX-it! Mobile App offers the perfect mobile fax solution for everyone who has to send faxes rarely.

You can send with the FreeFax / FAX-it! app 1 page per day for free to 50 countries around the world - without registration.

If you would like to send more pages you can buy a package of fax ages in addition using the app.

Full description (iOS)
Full description (Android)

It has never been so easy to fax

Simply take a photo of the document you want to fax, select the border of the document. Now you can send the document immediately.

Maybe you need to send a message quickly

With the function 'Text Fax' you can just create a text using your keyboard and send it.

Or do you have a document that you want to send

You can uplaod the document on your device and then send it directly using the "Send Fax Document" function.

You can also use documents saved on cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Receiving fax*

If you buy a fax number you can also receive faxes..
* only iOS

Extra packages

FAX 50 50 fax pages 14,99 € 1 9,24 € 2
FAX 100 100 fax pages 25,99 € 1 16,80 € 2
FAX 250 250 fax pages 36,99 € 1 23,50 € 2
1 iOS
2 Android


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