Customer Center Mobile App

CustomerCenter by enables your mobile phone or tablet to be a fax machine where you can send and receive faxes, send SMS and letters.

Full description (iOS)
Full description (Android)

It has never been so easy to send a fax being on the way

You can send a document immediately: Simply take a photo of the document and select the border of the document's photography.

Maybe you need to quickly send a message

Using the function 'Text Fax' you just can create a text using your keyboard and send it.

Or do you have a document to be sent

You can load it and then send it directly using the option "Send Fax Document" function.

Besides you can store documents from the cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive) to fax it.

Receiving fax*

* If you registrated for FINE or LIGHT tariff or having a prepaid account (-> registration directly using the app)and bought a fax number you will be able to receive faxes.

Maybe short-dated you want to send SMS' message

Your phone can of course send SMS but with the fax app you can do it much cheaper and faster. The SMS is always delivered via the best and fastest route to the recipient.

Sending real letters

You can send with this function real letters directly from your mobile deivce. The letters will be printed out in our printing center, folded, bagged, stamped and delivered to the recipient by the post.