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Mobile Apps

  • FreeFax by turns your iPhone or iPod-Touch into a fax machine. Send one document to up to 50 countries worldwide – for free and without registration. Just install the software and you’re good to go. FreeFax is free for one page per day. If you want to send more than one page, you can top up within the app at a bargain price.

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    The FreeFax International app is also available for all Android Mobile Devices!

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  • FreeFax offers the pure sending of a fax as

    • Text-Fax
    • Photo-Fax
    • PDF / Word / Excel / TXT document
    • Documents from E-Mail attachments

    The fax can be sent to up to 50 countries worldwide for free, limited to one page a day. If you want to send more than one page, you can top up within the app at a bargain price.

  • You can send fax with FreeFax for free to the following countries:

    Argentina Australia Austria Azores
    Belgium Brazil Canada Chile
    China Colombia Croatia Cyprus
    Denmark Dominican Republic Estonia Finland
    France Germany Greece Hawaii
    Hong Kong SAR China Hungary Iceland Ireland
    Israel Italy Japan Liechtenstein
    Luxembourg Malaysia Monaco Netherlands
    New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal
    Russia San Marino Singapore Slovakia
    Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain
    Sweden Switzerland Taiwan U.S. Virgin Islands
    United Kingdom United States Vatican City
  • Photo-Fax – it has never been so easy to fax!

    No matter where you are – to send a fax while being on the road has never been so easy as with the photo-fax function by FreeFax!

    Start the function "Send Photo Fax" and take a picture of the document you want to fax. Take care of good lightning to get the optimum result.

    After the shot, you define the area that displays the document. You can easily correct the borders with your finger. Afterwards, you insert the recipient’s fax-number and click on "send". That’s all.

    If you want to send the document as a PDF-file to your E-Mail-address, simply chose "Send Document Fax" and you get the document without any costs. This function works with pictures that are stored in your gallery as well.

  • A quick text-fax…

    It’s a piece of cake to send important information to a co-worker or customer via fax with FreeFax. Just chose "Send Text Fax" and insert the text via the keyboard. After putting in the faxnumber (you can of course access your contacts with the "+"-button), the software is already sending the fax.

  • Faxing stored documents

    You can load every file with the extension PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT or XLS/XLSX onto your device and directly send it with the "Send Document Fax" as a fax.

    You can do the same with E-Mail-attachments: just click the attachment located on your device and chose "Send Document Fax".

  • Upload documents to your iPhone/iPod touch

    You can comfortably upload documents you want to fax into the app with iTunes. To do so, connect your device with your computer, start iTunes and select your iPhone or iPod touch. Then you chose the "Apps"-tab and the FreeFax software. Now you can upload the documents to go.

    There is another very comfortable way of uploading documents to the FreeFax software within the app’s settings. You have to be connected over WiFi for this.

    Set the "Server"-switch to "on". An address gets displayed – type it into your browser. Now your device becomes a little internet-server and offers uploading of your documents.

    You can also download documents from GoogleDocs®, iDisk® and Dropbox®.

  • The CustomCenter by turns your iPhone or iPod
    touch into a center of communications for sending and
    receiving fax, SMS and letters – directly from your mobile

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    The CustomerCenter app is also available for all Android Mobile Devices!

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  • CustomCenter offers dispatching fax as

    • text-fax
    • photo-fax
    • PDF- / Word- / Excel- /text-document
    • directly from Dropbox®, GoogleDocs® or iDisk®

    Furthermore, you can

    • receive fax
    • send low priced SMS
    • send real post letters
  • Photo-Fax, it was never easier to fax!

    Sending a fax on the road – wherever you are – was never easier than with the photo fax function in the Customer Center!

    Start the function „Send photo-fax“ and take a picture of the document you want to fax. You get best results with the right lighting.

    After taking the picture, you define the area that displays the document. You can change the size of the area with your finger. Now all you have to do is put in the faxnumber of the recipient and send the fax. That‘s all.

    If you want to receive the document as a PDF via eMail, chose „send by eMail“ and you get the document for free. This function is also available with your stored pictures in your gallery.

    If you have additional pages to insert, click on "Add to Document" to create a multi-page fax.

  • Faxing stored documents

    You can directly transfer documents into the CustomCenter via iTunes, just as well as uploading it directly into the App with your browser.

    It‘s even more comfortable to store the document „in the cloud“ (an online storage). The CustomerCenter can directly access it when you are using Dropbox®, GoogleDocs® or iDisk®. In the settings (see „more“), you deposit your credentials for the service at hand and you get instant access to your documents. On your computer, you just copy the documents into the particular internetvolume-folder

    To send the document, you choose the storage location and tip it. After that, type in the fax-number and the fax gets instantly sent to the recipient.

  • Just a text-fax…

    With the function „text-fax“, you are able to type in a text and send it as a text-fax without further ado.

    Always enter the country code when entering the fax number, deleting internal dial codes (such as 0).
    For example, a German fax number 040-646545 would be entered as +4940646545.

  • Receiving fax

    By logging in, you can decide whether you want to use the service for receiving fax as well. offers you a fax-number for that service.

    Incoming fax are instantly shown under the „Incoming fax“-tab. You can even choose a sound that plays when you receive a fax. When you click the line, the received fax gets displayed.

  • Journal

    Everything you send and receive is saved into the journal. You can access it by clicking „more“ > „journal“. Clicking the date/time shows details for the dispatch or receiving.

  • Sending SMS

    With this function, even your iPod touch (with WiFi) can send SMS without any problems. You can send a SMS by directly typing it or by choosing a predefined textdocument.

  • Scheduling SMS is interesting. This way, you can put in congratulations in advance – they will not be sent by the scheduled date.

  • Send letters

    With the Customer Center, you can send letters directly from your mobile device. These are printed in our print center, folded, bagged, stamped and mailed to the recipient.

    This feature is available ONLY FOR GERMAN receiver. Furthermore: you must have a credit on your account in the amount of postage.

    Load your prepared document on your mobile device or Internet-share, you simply click "Send letter", select the document, check it and send it. Pay particular attention that the address is positioned correctly for the address window. Otherwise, this letter is will not be sent and the fees will be credited back to you.

  • Stationery

    It makes sense for the postal mail dispatch their own stationery, a blank page with a letter header and footer. For this you can activate a stationery in the settings of the stationery item and select the prepared document as stationery.

    A stationery document must have been already transferred into the app. If your stationery is still prepared to share the Internet, access to this document under Settings / Share and drop this in the document repository.

  • Create letter

    If you're creating a letter on the mobile device, you first enter the letter recipient, or select one from your contacts by clicking on the recipient's address.

    In the next step you can tape the letter text in the message window.

    When you click "Next", appears created letter with your stationery.

    Then you can decide whether this letter will be sent really as a letter, or sent as email or saved in the documents respository.

  • Settings

    Type in your credentials into „Account-Number“ and „Password“. You will get an eMail with your credentials as soon as you create an account at PCFAX. com.

    In the account-settings, you can choose different defaults for sending SMS and fax. You can, for instance, automatically forward incoming fax to your eMailaddress, suppress the fax-header, etc.

  • You can easily upload documents into the App by using iTunes. Just connect your device to your computer, run iTunes and choose the iPod or iPhone. Then you click on the tab „Apps“ and choose theCustomCenter-software. Now you can upload documents for the road.

    We offer another comfortable way of depositing documents into the Customer Center software in the settings. Your device has to be online via WiFi. Switch the Button „Server“ to „on“. An address gets displayed – open that address with your browser. Your iPhone is now a little internet-server and offers the upload of your documents.

    Here you put in the credentials for your cloud-services. You can use multiple services at the same time. Activated shares are included into the choice of document-storages while sending a document. This surely is the most comfortable way of working with documents, but you need internet-access to use it.

  • Sending and receiving faxes, SMS, and even proper letters in the post while on the move
    are all easy with the latest mobile technologies, especially the iPad and iPhone.
    The easy-to-use Apple-based Customer Center offers you a bridge to traditional
    office communication technology. Faxes have significant advantages over e-mails.
    One of the most important is that faxes constitute legally binding communication. Another major
    advantage is that the information is immediately available on paper, can be slid into one's
    briefcase, and put directly in a customer's hands. And printed documents can be read
    anywhere, even without electricity and computer access.

    Go to the Apple AppStore

  • Guest users of can fax one page a day at no charge to 50 countries via our FreeFax International service.

    Registered users can send as many as faxes as they like. They can also send or receive faxes with their own local fax number, send SMS, and even send proper letters in the post to German destinations.

  • How do I upload a document to my mobile device?

    We worked a long time on meeting this challenge and offer you three truly practical ways to upload documents to be sent by fax:

    • Photo Fax
      You photograph the document with your mobile device's camera (if you have one) and the CustomerCenter converts the photo into a black and white fax page.
    • iCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDocs
      Previously prepared documents can be uploaded to an Internet-based cloud server. The CustomerCenter then access the documents directly.
    • iTunes or File-Server
      Your documents can also be viewed via iTunes or you can turn your mobile device into a file server. Then you can view your document on any browser on your mobile device.
  • Photo Fax

    When using Photo Fax, make sure the lighting is sufficient for the document so the fax can be read. In the fax menu, click on "Send New Photo Fax" (the fax must be highlighted below). After the camera window opens, focus the camera on the document to be sent.

    After photographing the document, the app will display the document grid which allows you to check and edit the document margins.

  • After clicking "Continue," the app converts the photo into a black/white fax format and displays the fax-ready document.

    You now can send this page by clicking "Send as Fax."

    If you have additional pages to insert, click on "Insert" to create a multi-page fax.
    To send all document pages by fax, click on the action arrow and select "Send."

    You can now send the two document pages by e-mail (as a pdf attachment) or save the pdf file for future sending. Enter in the recipient's fax number. You can also retrieve the fax number from the contact list if it has been entered.

  • Faxing Documents

    When the "Documents" field is clicked, the left frame will display the documents saved in the app.

    These documents can be saved by iTunes or a server upload to the iPad.

    If you have connected a cloud server such as Dropbox or GoogleDocs (see Settings), the cloud server will display its folders and clicking on the directory will change to the corresponding cloud server.

  • The following document types can be sent as a fax:

    • Adobe PDF format (.pdf)
    • Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx)
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls / .xlsx)
    • .jpg and .tif graphic files
    • .txt files

    If one of these formats is clicked in the left field, this document will be displayed in the viewing window.

    The action button gives you the option to send the document by fax or e-mail.

  • Text-Fax

    The third fax alternative is a simple text fax with the text directly entered on the iPad keyboard.

    Enter in the recipient's fax number. You can also retrieve the fax number from the contact list if it has been entered.

    Always enter the country code when entering the fax number, deleting internal dial codes (such as 0).
    For example, a German fax number 040-646545 would be entered as +4940646545.

  • Receiving Faxes

    You can apply for a number to receive faxes when you register or later. Your fax number will be a local landline number if at all possible.

    Now you are able to receive faxes round the clock. You can receive up to sixty faxes at a time, sent either to your e-mail as pdf files or viewed and edited in the fax viewing window on your iPad.

  • When you select the document on the left overview, the received fax will be displayed in the right window. You can see additional pages of the fax by turning the page with your finger. The action button offers the following options:

    • Send as fax (send this document to another fax number)
    • Send as an e-mail (the fax will be attached as a .pdf file)
    • Save in document folder (see Documents)
    • Mark as spam (faxes from this sender will no longer be displayed)
  • History

    Once you have sent a fax, the software goes to the main menu. At the bottom of the main window, the fax server history is displayed. With your finger, you can maximize or minimize this history window.

  • Sent Fax Box

    All sent faxes are in Sent Fax box. Once a fax was sent, it is in the Sent Fax box.

    After being sent, the document is shown in the "Sent" directory. You can view the send status of the document and also whether the recipient has received the fax.

  • (More) Account

    Clicking on "More" will give you more options for your settings. The first allows you to view your current account balance with This account balance is updated in our systems at certain intervals, so it is possible that a recently sent fax is not immediately visible in your account balance.

    The account balance page also allows you to refill your account at any time. Just enter an amount and click "Fill Account."

  • Account Settings

    Under account settings, various send / receive options can be set. Each option is explained in the display.

    You can suppress your fax letterhead, for example, or set up automatic refills for your account.

    It is important to save your account settings after making any changes (click Save) to have them take effect.

  • Settings

    The general settings can be displayed and edited by clicking on the settings symbol.

    This menu shows your login information, settings for handling received faxes, and login information for your cloud servers (Dropbox, GoogleDocs, iDisk).

    You can also start your app as a web server to access your app files in any browser.

  • Sending SMS (or Voicemail)

    When you click on the SMS tab, you can send SMS directly from your iPad to one of your contacts or any other mobile number.

    The layout is that same as with the fax page. The SMS sent box contains all the SMS you have sent as long as you have not deleted them from the app.

  • As soon as you click on "Send SMS," the SMS dialogue box appears. When you enter a mobile number, that mobile will receive an SMS.

    If you have entered a landline number, the recipient will receive a voice mail! This is a great option you ought to use. This will help expand your use of SMS.

  • While sending, the sending history will be displayed in the bottom of the page. With your finger, you can maximize or minimize the history window.

    Once the recipient has received the SMS, it will be listed under "Sent" and you can later view the SMS later in the display window.

  • iLetters: Send Post Online

    When you click on iLetter in the lower tab, you can send a proper letter online from your iPad.

    At this time, this function is only available in Germany at this time.

    You can define a document on your iPad as a paper letter, i.e. an empty page with your letterhead which should be set up before you write your first letter.

  • Only the empty page will be displayed and you can enter the recipient's address by clicking on the address window.

    After entering the address, it will be inserted in the right spot. This is important because window envelopes are normally used to send your letter. By clicking on the text token you can begin to write your letter.

    After entering the letter, you can send it, attach it to an e-mail, or save it in your document file on the iPad.